In recent conversations with small business owners, I discovered a trend. Satisfaction. In marketing, our single most important goal is business growth. So, when clients tell me that they’re as busy as they’d like, I get a little disappointed. I am happy that they’re doing well and that they can be satisfied. But, I can’t relate. I can’t wrap my head around having just enough work to keep us busy. To me, there’s always room for growth. You can always hire another person, buy another truck, put in another hour. There’s always room for more. And if there’s always room for more, why not go for it? Why not hustle a little and get even farther?

Now, I know what most will think. “Kyle, you need to learn to be satisfied with what you have.” That is true, but I love the journey of growth. I love the grind. For me, “more” is a byproduct of the journey. I get amped about new projects, new team members, and new challenges. The idea of executing and doing more is freeing for me. Truly, I am satisfied with our business growth at J2, but I refuse to settle.

So, don’t settle. Don’t give in. Hustle harder and go farther. But, make sure you enjoy life along the way.