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My life is driven by grace. Even though my greatest struggle is trusting God, He continually pours grace on me and my family. Through an amazing wife, 2 beautiful girls, and thriving businesses, grace is abundant. 

  • Entrepreneurship 98% 98%
  • Leadership 90% 90%
  • Customer Service 85% 85%
  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • Marketing 92% 92%

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Ep 3 – PJ Ashenfelter

A really solid conversation with PJ Ashenfelter about what the middle is and why its extremely important that we recognize and embrace the middle. He won't take it, but I give the naming credit of this podcast to PJ. This is a good stuff!  

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Ep 2 – Adam Privett

This episode I talked with Adam Privett. He's a local entrepreneur and friend of mine. We talked about how it's important to prioritize your relationships over the tasks of running your business. Take a listen and let us know when you think.

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Ep 1 – Caitlin Kinser

This is the first episode of The Middle Podcast. It's a freaking hour long and we had to cut it short. It's a great conversation with Caitlin Kinser, a small business owner and marketing professional. She's honest and real and I think there's a lot we can learn as a...

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The Middle Podcast – Prelude

I'm starting a podcast called The Middle. It's about the middle of running a business. The deep and dirty grind that all small business owners experience, yet feel lonely in the process. The goal of this podcast is to shed light on that experience and encourage small...

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I've been running a small print shop for over a year now. I come from a marketing background, so connecting a print shop with my agency seemed like a perfect fit. It turns out, I was right. The two companies work really well together, handing clients back and forth...

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There aren't very many opportunities for me to play games, especially with my nephews. That's why times like Thanksgiving are so valuable. This year, my nephew, Will, and I played the card game Speed and two rounds of Chess. The contrast between the games was...

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I live in a paradox of owning a print shop and a digital agency. When I purchased Zipp Printing, many people questioned why I would go from digital marketing (read: the future) to printing (read: the past). I told them, "It's not either or, it's both." See, I don't...

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It’s not a word that gets thrown around a lot. When I think about it, it holds a great amount of power. It’s not about being proud or strong. It’s not about being fearless. It’s not about being able. Its unique. It’s rare. It’s noble. It’s selfless. It's Courage. When...

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Sometimes it's easier to just talk, instead of write. Here are my thoughts on fight.

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Clarity seems to be something that everyone longs for, yet few know how to obtain. In the billboard world, there's a general understanding that the text on the billboard should be 7 words or less. Think of how little time the reader has when she's whizzing by at 7 MPH...

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