Hustle. Make it happen. Don’t be lazy.

These are basic terms that get thrown around a lot. Parents tellĀ teenagers to not be lazy. Bosses tell their employees, “Make it happen!” Coaches tell their teams to hustle. The problem is, we don’t tell ourselves any of these things. We often get a little to settled in. Then, we wonder why we’re not getting ahead. I hear business owners complain about slow times, then tell me how they open and 10 and close at 4. Don’t forget the lunch hour. Wait, what? That doesn’t sound like hustle to me? That sounds like laziness.

I’ve started a few businesses from nothing. Starting from nothing takes a lot of work. Let me say that again so you can know I’m serious. Starting from nothing takes a lot of work. It takes hustle. You can’t even think about being lazy. And many times, you just have to make it happen. When you realize these statements apply to you before anyone else, you start to get ahead.

So go Hustle!


By the way, it’s almost 11pm.