Entrepreneurship. We’re in a world now where you can not only take a class in entrepreneurship, but you can actually get an entire degree in it. I’m not totally convinced that you can teach entrepreneurship. I recently had this conversation with my father-in-law, who invited me to guest lecture his entrepreneurship class. It made me think of this video by Gary Vaynerchuck.

Let’s start with defining entrepreneurship. The basic definition is someone who takes on risk to start a new business. I believe this is a broad and unfinished definition. I think a true entrepreneur is someone who takes risk, hustles, gets stuff done, invests his own time and money, and has a passion for growing business. I also think there’s a bit of an undefinable drive from an entrepreneur that causes him to start multiple ventures. Sometimes we call them “serial entrepreneurs.”

As Dave and I discussed this idea of teaching entrepreneurship, we came to an agreement. We agreed that you can teach entrepreneurship principles. I think you can tell stories about what a real entrepreneur does. I think you can admire the effort that goes into entrepreneurship. We agreed it’s much like leadership. You can teach people the principles of leadership, but that doesn’t make them a leader. You’re not a leader just because you say you are. You’re only a leader if you have followers. In the same way, you’re not an entrepreneur just because you claim to be.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset that plays itself out in your business actions.

As an entrepreneur, you’re not satisfied unless you’re steering the ship. You have a drive and passion to find a need and fill it. You take ideas and turn them into reality. You hustle. You sacrifice. You execute. When things get tough, I think you know inside whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. Let me assure you that not everyone who starts a business is an entrepreneur. And that’s ok! If everyone was an entrepreneur, we’d have nothing but chaos. It’s ok if you’re a solid #2. We need those.

If you’re an entrepreneur, go get it! If you’re not, go get it!